Reference Library and Resolutions

2015 Resolutions & Letters

Resolution 2015-01 In Support of Meaningful Education Funding Increases

Resolution 2015-02 In Opposition To Raising Sales Tax Cap Without Adequate Notice To Businesses

Resolution 2015-03 In Support of the City and Borough of Sitka issuing a new RFP for Convention and Visitor Services in Sitka


2015-03-06 Letter to House Finance in Support of Education Funding

2014 Resolutions

Resolution 2014-01 In Support of the City and Borough of Sitka Purchasing Locally

Resolution 2014-02 In Support of Community Land Trust

2013 Resolutions

Resolution 2013-02 In Support of Increased SCVB Funding

Resolution 2013-03 In Support of Fully Funding the Historical Society & Museum

Resolution 2013-04 In Support of Geochemical Sampling Program At Green Lake Road

Resolution 2013-05 In Support of a Comprehensive Branding and Signage Project

2012 Resolutions, Positions & Letters

2012 Sitka Chamber Position - Development of a Comprehensive Tax Structure for the CBS


Resolution 2012-01 Support for Road to Katlian Bay Quarry Site

Resolution 2012-02 In Opposition of Increased or New Taxes

Resolution 2012-03 Supporting A Competitive Oil and Gas Tax Policy

Resolution 2012-04 In Support of Increased Visitors Bureau Funding

Resolution 2012-05 in Support of Cruise Industry

Resolution 2012-06 Blue Lake Expansion Funding Resolution

Resolution 2012-07 In Opposition to Ballot Measure 2

Resolution 2012-08 In Opposition of the Emissions Control Area Set by EPA

Resolution 2012-09 In Support of Proposition A


2012-05-07 Letter in Support of the Sitka Outdoor Recreation Action Plan

Mining Presentation Hosted by SEDA

The Sitka Economic Development Association (SEDA) hosted an informational presentation on modern mining in Alaska (February 10, 2014). Bob Loeffler, Visiting Professor of Public Policy at the UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research and former Director of the Alaska Division of Mining, Land and Water, came to Sitka to provide presentations on three specific mining related topics.
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