Local Links

SEDA logo

For business & economic information:
Sitka Economic Development Assocation
329 Harbor Drive Suite 212
Sitka, AK 99835
Phone: (907)747-2660
Fax: (907)747-7688
Website: www.sitka.net

City seal
For local government information:
City and Borough of Sitka
100 Lincoln St.
Sitka, AK 99835
Phone: (907)747-3294
Website: www.cityofsitka.com
SCVB logo
For visitor information:
Sitka Convention and Visitors Bureau
104 Lake St, PO Box 6269
Sitka, AK 99835
Phone: (907)747-8604
Website: www.sitka.org
For Real Estate information:
Baranof REalty
Cathy Shaffer and Travis Vaughn
Tel: (907) 747-5636
315 Seward St
Sitka, Alaska 99835
Website: livingsitka.com
Sitka Realty
For Real Estate information:
Sitka Realty
Candi Barger
Toll-Free: 1-888-747-8922
Tel: (907) 747-8922
Fax: (907) 747-8933
228 Harbor Drive
Sitka, Alaska 99835-7551
Website: www.sitkarealty.com
Davis Realty

For Real Estate information:
Davis Realty
Nancy Davis
104 Lake St
Sitka, AK 99835-7559
Tel: (907) 747-1032
Website: www.davisrealtysitka.com

For your medical presciption needs, check out:
Harry Race Pharmacy
106 Lincoln St.
Sitka, AK 99835
Phone: 907-747-8006
Fax: 907-966-2467
White's Pharmacy
705 Halibut Point Road
Sitka, AK 99835
Phone: 907-747-5755
Fax: 907-966-2468
Website: www.whitesalaska.com From this site, you will be able to refill prescriptions. Get your access numbers from each pharmacy, it will save you real time!
community ride logo
For schedule of the Community Ride:
Community Ride Public Transit
Sitka Tribal Enterprises
Phone: 907-747-7103
Sitka, AK 99835
Website: www.publictransit.sitkatribe.org
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For Employment information:
Sitka Job Center
Phone: 907-747-6921
304 Lake Street
Sitka, AK 99835
Website: Alaska Job Center Network.

Sitka Sentinel

For local news and classifieds:
Daily Sitka Sentinel
Phone: 907-747-3219
112 Barracks St.
Sitka, Alaska 99835
Website: Sitka Sentinel

Sitka schools

For school information:
Sitka School District

300 Kostrometinoff St.
Sitka, AK 99835
Phone: (907) 747-8622
Website: http://www.sitkaschools.org